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Revolutionary Blockchain Technology Meets Programmatic

SmartyAds transforms programmatic ecosystem into a truly transparent environment, with endless opportunities for demand and supply partners. Our newest Blockchain AdStack is empowered by the digital ledger technology that is decentralized, incorruptible and secure by design

How Blockchain Works in Digital Advertising

Blockchain keeps record of every transaction taking place across a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Miners and computers are arranging all the transactions within the network into blocks of data that are linked with each other, forming chains. The purpose behind this blocks is to keep data secure, making sure that everything stays safe and functional. They ensure this with high-level programming language and specific codes, ensuring that every process is proven mathematically and legitimate.
Buyer purchases an ad impression via a smart contract
The impression event is encrypted and represented as a “block”
The encrypted block is broadcasted to every participant in blockchain
The impression event is approved
The impression block is added to the blockchain and becomes a part of the permanent decentralized ledger

Benefits of Blockchain Ad Stack

Future Inventory & Smart Contracts

Be a part of the forwards market for digital media with guaranteed high-quality inventory from premium suppliers. Negotiate terms for smart contracts, close profitable deals and receive an automated record of every transaction.

Intact Intellectual Property

Data that is stored in a digital ledger is shared, replicated and synchronized among other members of the network. It cannot be copied, modified or deleted.

Fraud-Free Ecosystem

In SmartyAds Blockchain-based programmatic ecosystem, every member is verified and approved. Blockchain network is incorruptible and does not have a single point of failure because it is decentralized.

Digital Signatures

Blockchain network is protected by public and private keys, which are the strings of numbers and letters. Digital inventory and impressions are secured by cryptographic hashes.

Blockchain Products

Discover SmartyAds Blockchain Ad Stack

SmartyAds Blockchain DSP

SmartyAds built a full-stack Blockchain-based DSP that is technologically advanced, transparent, and ultra secure. Our DSP integrates big data, machine learning, and digital ledger technology so media buyers could buy online media from premium publishers at guaranteed prices.

SmartyAds Blockchain SSP

SmartyAds Blockchain SSP guarantees a transparent trading environment, greater value for each impression and competitive pricing. Our revolutionary SSP operates on a decentralized and distributed digital ledger technology, without compromising on the RTB auctions.

SmartyAds Blockchain Ad Exchange

The Blockchain Ad Exchange is built on the top of a digital ecosystem of integrated DSPs, SSPs and Ad Networks that form an ultra-secure Ethereum-based network of public nodes. It runs on cryptography and advanced machine learning algorithms, providing full user privacy and decentralized audit trail for media buyers, owners, and networks.

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